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Ester classic Swedish racing yacht restored and equipped with Gottifredi Maffioli tailored lines

Ester classic Swedish racing yacht restored and equipped with Gottifredi Maffioli tailored lines

Ester's Story

In 1901, the Swedish engineer Gunnar Mellgren was asked to design a boat able to defend the Tivoli cup against the Finnish sailors. He outdid himself and created Ester, a 15-metre fin keel racing yacht, the boat known for its perfect shape and great ability. In the summer of 1901, Ester, not only reached the goal she was created for (retaining the Tivoli Cup) but won almost every race she participated in. In fact, rumours have it that, when Ester registered to race, the result was declared before the start. For many years, the beautiful and unique Ester was the fastest boat of her size in Sweden. For unknown reasons, in 1915, Ester disappeared and re-appeared in 1933 renamed Brita. A new event would again cause her disappearing, this time for a longer period.

The Fire and Recovery Operations

One night in 1939, just outside Järvön, a fire broke out onboard Ester and she sank. For more than seventy years, Ester lay alone beneath the waves until Per Hellgren, Bo Eriksson and Jan Olof Backman found her in 2012. Due to the fragile state of the boat, the recovery operations were far from easy but successful. Ester was emptied of mud and debris before being lifted from the water and was then taken by road to the location where a team of restorers was waiting for her.

The restoration

In 2018, Ester was ready to conquer the waves again thanks to the professionals who worked on her restoration. They focused on keeping the original features of the vessel when possible. However, some exceptions have been made when modern materials offered significant advantages in term of sustainability and innovation.

Gottifredi Maffioli has been appointed Ester's only ropes supplier. The naval architect Juliane Hempel has handled the rigging work.

Gottifredi Maffioli Exclusive Ropes Supplier On Board Ester

The know-how and technology developed in many years of experience in world-class sailing yachts translate into the opportunity to be part of great stories. Gottifredi Maffioli continuously experiments and develops new solutions to further improve the performance of sailing lines, and to rapidly engineer bespoke products that fulfill even the most specific needs of customers. Gottifredi Maffioli is honoured to be on board the historical Ester with the OLD STYLE sailing and mooring lines.

These lines have been designed specifically for boats that need to deliver great performances without compromising the classic look. In fact, thanks to the peculiar construction and to the typical fuzzy appearance of natural fibres, which are used to make these products, the ropes are in line with Ester's style. Also, the uniqueness of Ester's eventful story inspired Gottifredi Maffioli with the realization of a custom made halyard characterized by a Dyneema SK78 core and a vintage color cover.

Ester's Official Presentation at Monaco Classic Week

The Official presentation of the new Ester will take place during the Monaco Classic Week, from September 11th to 15th 2019. After that, starting Fall 2019, it will be possible to book an experience aboard Ester. There is space for a maximum of 8 guests sailing with Ester's skipper Laurance and her crew.

We can't wait to be on board!